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Tiramisu with Dark Fantasy Choco Fills

Tiramisu has been a favourite among generations of Nobles and Royals in the land of Italy. Literally meaning ‘pick me up’, Tiramisu is the country’s most loved and popular dessert. Punctuated with rich dark flavours to tantalise your palette, Tiramisu has the ability to turn any occasion into a special celebration. Here at Dark Fantasy, our ITC chefs have curated a quick recipe that will renew your Tiramisu experience.

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Dark Fantasy Choco Fills 150 gm

Espresso or coffee decoction 100 ml

Cocoa powder for dusting

For the espresso and mascarpone cream

Egg yolks 4

Castor sugar 40 gm

Espresso or coffee decoction 20 ml

Softened mascarpone cheese 150 gm

Whipped cream 100 gm

Rind of 1 orange


Dessert liqueurs: Kahlua or Tia Maria 45 ml

Chocolate shavings to garnish

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To prepare

Break the milk chocolate into small chunks and place in a dry bowl. Heat the cream up stirring continuously and pour over the milk chocolate. Set aside for 2 minutes and then stir the mixture to form a smooth ganache. Once the ganache has cooled down, gradually fold in the whipped cream. Refrigerate to set the mousse.

The nutmeg cream

Freshly grate nutmeg over the whipped cream and refrigerate.

The stewed berries

Place the frozen berries (comprising a mix of strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, etc), sugar, thyme and spices in a pan along with half cup of water. Cook covered until the poaching liquor is fragrant, the sugar has melted and the berries are just cooked. Allow to cool.

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To Assemble

Place Dark Fantasy Choco Fills Luxuria cookies roughly broken into halves, at the base of the glasses. Transfer the milk chocolate mousse into a piping bag and pipe small peaks over the broken cookies. Place the stewed berries over and around the mousse. Repeat the cookies and mousse to form to layers. Top with a dollop of nutmeg cream. Serve chilled.

Let the mousse take you on a journey to the French countryside with its authentic flavours and enjoy the slight tang of fresh berries as you scoop in a helping of the rich chocolate.

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Tools and such

  • 1. Silicone muffin mould
  • 2. Ring cutter
  • 3. Palette knife
  • 4. Piping bag and nozzle
  • 5. Silicone spatula
  • 6. Silicone ring mould
  • 7. Grater
  • 8. Ice cream scoop
  • 9. Digital weighing scale
  • 10. Heavy bottom sauce pan
  • 11. Citrus zester
  • 12. Pastry brush
  • 13. Rectangle tart mould
  • 14. Electric whisker
  • 15. Baking tray
  • 16. Parchment paper
  • 17. Whisk
  • 18. Mixing bowl
  • 19. Disposable loaf baking pan